Things you shouldn’t do in job interview

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It is really a difficult task to be a part of an interview. Most of the applicants feel nervous about it.  It takes natural to be afraid of job interview. But if you set with the good preparation, it will certainly take you to the successful candidates among all. Following are the things that you should remember not to do in job interview.

A. Don’t blame previous job

Whatever job you did before just leave it.  Even if the former employers were bad you never badmouth about that past experience. Furthermore, you always try to collect the positive part of the past experience as far as possible. In order to give good impression you need to expose only what you have gained through previous experience and focuses on what you are aiming for.

B. Don’t show nervousness

A good company is always looking for a candidate with full of enthusiasm; they never want a person who lacks confidence. So, it is not impressive to show yourself as a tired and nervous person. Despite of being nervous you appear as an energetic candidate so as to secure your job.

C. Don’t talk about your weakness

In most of the cases, candidates hurriedly talk about what they have lacked; especially if you are a fresher. But it is a great mistake regarding a job interview.  When you apologize for experience you don’t have, you are really degrading yourself, that you are not fit in that position. So, even if you lack proper experience you always be positive, talk about how you can contribute for the post.

D. Never say it is in my CV

If recruiter is asking something about your skills and qualification, you must answer it with good elaboration. Though it is written in CV, you never answer, ‘it is in my resume’; you should be able to expand what you have asked.

A recruiter is trying to evaluate your communication and social skills. Furthermore he wants you to tell beyond the written word. Asking many questions he is watching, whether you are confident or not, whether you are articulating or not, whether you can face people or not and so on. Thus, present yourself as a good communicator.

E. Don’t talk about your problem

Even if you are in a great trouble, you shouldn’t show your problem in front of the interviewer. It will be shameful and pitiable. Though you are honest, they don’t want to hear your problem; they are going to select you according to your qualification and potential for success. Besides this they take everything as a secondary part.

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