What should we do for hunting job?

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Job hunting is exhausting and quite tough for every fresher. And it has sometimes become stressful and tiring if you are with no exact planning. Resume writing, hunting down job listings, networking, more resume writing, creating cover letters, dressing well for interviews, and interviewing are the essential portions of job hunting. Job hunting is essentially a job in itself. In order to keep your spirits up during your job hunt, we have created a list of practical advice to remember when you are job searching.

1. Make a perfect resume

Make good as well as perfect resume in order to show your skills, education and experiences. Resume is the first impression for your future career. Similarly, your cover letter should always be unique for each position, explaining why you want the job and how you can add value to the company.

2. Be familiar with yourself

Before starting to search your job you must be familiar with yourself. You should be aware about who you are, what are your strengts and what you are looking for.

3. Job hunting as full time job

You have to dedicate yourself in searching job until you reach to your destination. Treat the search as full time job (9-5), and have a proper plan for how you are going to spend that time.

4. Involve in unpaid work/ volunteer

To get engaged on some volunteer work can upgrade your resume. Taking on short-term unpaid (or low-paying) works can give you additional experience in your chosen field and can increase your chances of being the perfect candidate for your dream job.

5. Acquire related skill

Mustn’t waste a time while searching job. It is better to utilize your valuable time in acquiring a job related skill. It may certainly give an additional practical qualification for your dream.

6. Up-to-date with media

Media is a reliable means to get necessary information. So you must be up-to-date with it and get different vacancies and necessary information.

6. Apply for various jobs.

Apply for as many jobs as possible. Keep applying even if you don’t get response. Spend as much time as you can applying, and follow up by calling or emailing to check on your application.

7. Make that first impression good.

It is said that ‘the first impression is the last impression’. You have to make your first impression count especially with the interviewer. Stand up straight. Look the interviewer in the eye and make eye to eye contact. Smile, and extend your hand for a firm, but not knuckle-crushing, handshake.

8. Manage time

Make a proper time schedule for searching job. You have to manage at least 15 minutes a day to work on your resume, update and check online networking profiles and search job listings. Opportunities come and go quickly, so you need to grab the opportunities on a daily basis.


9. Have patience

Job searching is really a hard work and sometimes it becomes terrible. Similarly, you will get discouraged trying for many times. But you can avoid feeling those unnecessary things if you keep up with it. If your search is not producing the results that you would like, avoid blaming yourself and try a new strategy. If you work with patiently then only you can reach to your destination in coming future. For this you need to have rigorous practice and proper planning. This attitude demonstrates your enthusiasm and interest.

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